I've never done this before, what happens?

Wet Strippers might call you 30-60 minutes before their scheduled show to confirm the details of the party. You'll want to show them where to change, and also pay them before they start. Wet Strippers are glad to answer any questions you may have. Once the entertainers have changed into their party attire, they will start their show!

Do you accept last minute bookings?

Same day service is available, although we strongly recommend that you book in advance. That way it will ensure you get the entertainers of your choice. Since schedules fill up quickly for our entertainers, it may affect the chances of you receiving the stripper you want if you order last minute. Also, if you do not know what the address of the party is yet, you can still make a reservation for your favorite dancer(s). This is a good example of Hotel parties. Please give us the room number no later than the morning of the party.

What's the minimum guest requirement?

Our minimum guest requirement is 5 people. If you're party has less than five people, we cannot perform.

I want to have my party at a hotel, what do I do?

That's fine, just make sure the hotel knows what's going on. Most hotels welcome your business and may already have a special party room. Parties get loud and the hotel has the right to kick everyone out. Just notify the hotel and let them accommodate you. You must have your cell phone on and with you all night.

How old does everybody have to be at the party?

Everyone at the party must be at least 18 years old.

What's the difference between a two girl fantasy and a two girl show?

A two girl show has the girls perform separately for 30-60 minutes each. The fantasy show includes two girls intimately interacting together for 60-90 minutes.

Can I have a party on a weekday?

Sure, that's no problem. Most of the dancers are flexible during the week and are always excited to get a weekday booking.

It says 30-60 minutes per dancer, how long do they really stay?

The length of time each entertainer stays is approximate and not guaranteed. Times could be more or less depending on crowd size and participation. You could always get a stripper to stay longer by tipping them.

What is the Payment Policy?

We require a full payment as soon as the entertainers arrive. They won't start the show untill agreed amount is payed. It is not refundable.

The Guest of Honor is shy, we don't want them embarrassed, is that ok?

Yes, it is ok to be shy. Just let the entertainer know when they arrive. Your guest of honor will still have a great time as long as you have clear and honest communication with your entertainer. You must mention your shy guest of honor when making a reservation.

How do I make a reservation, and what will I need?

You can make a stripper party reservation by phone at 312 678 9879 To make a reservation, we will need the date and time of the party, your selected entertainers, and the type of party.You can always call back with the address of the party later if you do not know it at the time of making the reservation.

Can I take pictures during the show?

Most entertainers do not want naked photos of them in circulation. There are no pictures or video cameras allowed while the dancer is nude. However, it is up to each individual entertainer to make that decision. You must ask the entertainer before they begin. Please note that some entertainers may charge for photographs.

Is tipping including, or how do I tip the stripper?

Tipping is not included, but is required for the dancers to perform a great show. Some entertainers may charge for things like pictures, lap dances, whip cream shots, oil shows, games, etc...Just make sure that all the party guests have tipping money on them to ensure a better party.

What does the hour window mean?

The one hour window is just a security window for the entertainer(s) in case they are running late from traffic or a previous customer's party. If your party is for 10pm, expect the entertainer to arrive between 10pm and 11pm. You will usually get a call if the entertainers are running more than 15 minutes late.

I don't have the party address yet, is that ok?

Sure, that's no problem, you can always call back with the exact address. Just make sure you call us with the address no later than 48 hours before the party.

Will the strippers be on time?

Strippers are almost never on time unless it is their first party of the night. They are required to make your party within one hour of scheduled time. Strippers are usually late because they stayed longer at their previous party. You can also get your entertainer to stay later if you tip well. If the strippers stayed late at the previous party because they were getting tipped well, they would stay longer at yours as well. Entertainers will call the party if they are running more than 15 minutes late. Please note: we ask you for a 1 hour window when deciding what time you would like the dancer to arrive. If you want him or her there at 10pm, please expect them anywhere from 10pm to 11 pm.

What times can I have a stripper show up?

Strippers perform everyday up until the arrival time of 1:30am.The most requested date and time is 9pm on Saturday.

What are the prices?

Here is our pricing list of high quality party strippers.

I might need to reschedule, what are the guidelines?

That's no problem. You must notify us as soon as your plans change. There is no fee for re-scheduling.

Are the strippers on the website the ones who show up?

We pride ourselves on happy customers and repeat business. We cannot guarantee your choices because our dancers are independent contractors. We always try to send you your first or second choice of dancers. In about 75% of the parties, our customers get their first choice. Please keep in mind that if you're booking a party on short notice, your chances may be less.

Where can we hold the party?

It's up to you. Our dancers travel to homes, hotels, bars, lounges, night clubs, boats, buses and more.

Will the stripper(s) call me before the show?

They are not required to call you on the night of the show. Please make sure that you have your cell phone with you and regularly check the voicemail. Some dancers will not show up if you do not answer your phone on party night.

What is the return policy?

Once the entertainer begins their show, there are no refunds and no exceptions. Under no circumstance can you get a refund after the entertainer is paid for service.

Do I have to reimburse a dancer for parking (hotels, valet, meters, etc.)?

Yes, the entertainers will ask you to reimburse them for their parking expenses. Parking expenses are not the same as travel fees.

If the dancers I choose are not available for my party, will you notify me?

We will not call you if the dancers you have chosen are not available. All of our dancers our independent contractors and let us know which parties they can take. If the dancer is not available, we will try and send you someone comparable.

How far down will the dancers go?

Male and female dancers will go completely nude if the crowd wants them to.

What if my question was not answered here?

No problem, please contact us info@wetstripperschicago.com, or give us a call at 312 678  9879. We'd love to help!

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